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Why does Loneliness happen? 

Loneliness can occur for a variety of reasons. As we get older we inevitably lose family members and close friends. All of a sudden the normality routine of day to day life has empty spaces in, and loneliness creeps in. Mobility problems restrict individuals from being able to interact with people and physical mobility issues can affect by not allowing them to move freely and catch up with friends. Loneliness is a vicious circle and often the lonelier a person feels the worse loneliness can get. When a person feels detached from society, they’ll usually find it hard to reconnect.

Social isolation is prevalent amongst both older adults as well as those with disabilities. Loneliness and social isolation can have a profound effect on an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Feeling lonely can be extremely challenging for many people. Not only can it have an effect on mental health, but also on physical health. The need for companionship is much greater in older people and those with disabilities. Having the time to engage with another person is invaluable. Those who have regular companionship have been proven to live longer and feel more settled.

Carelinx Ltd companionship services include, providing companionship and conversation, arranging and accompanying to appointments, arranging and accompanying to outings, arranging and accompanying to social events, assisting with participation in hobbies, assisting with providing entertainment for family and friends, accompanying to club meetings, sporting events and the theatre, assisting with connecting with family and friends through social media, assisting with travel arrangements, assisting with keeping fit, assisting with reading and watching movies, accompanying on short breaks or holidays, monitoring diet and eating and providing medication reminders and assistance.

Unfortunately, the need for companionship is often heightened and overlooked for people with disabilities. We believe it is based around promoting independence and helping clients live a longer life. By offering a companionship care service we help reduce depression and loneliness. Loneliness has been known to worsen existing health conditions and suppress the immune system. Our companionship service offers a friendly face on a day to day basis. Our care and support workers develop long-lasting friendships with our service users.